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Our Services

Our reputation is based on the philosophy to plan and continuously review all details of a project from understanding the clients business requirements to project initiation, to project definition, to design management, to project delivery and to commissioning and handover. 

In support of this philosophy, Mytreya Holdings Sdn Bhd(MHSB) has established extensive procedures in project management, project planning, scope management, procurement, contract management, risk management, quality assurance, team organization management, communications, project close-out and asset after-care management.

Our people have well regarded executive skills in all areas of project delivery with a proven record of successful team management. Similarly we can draw upon the resources of a dedicated group of associated professionals, including planners, architects, engineers and quantity surveyors who share similar client-focus philosophies.

Our team is comprised of full-time Project Executives and Managers who interact to solve problems. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and has extensive experience of project management.

The core business is focused upon the booming construction sectors in India, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE. However, the company brings to its clients a rare depth of experience.

Our services are provided in the following professional fields:

1. Project Management Strategies

2. Devlop, Identification and monitor Risk Management Strategies

3.Master Planning, Scope Definition and Project Initiation

4.Time and Cost saving methodologies

5. Detailed Strategies against specific cleints requirement

6. Cost Management and Reporting

7. Schedule/Reporting Management

8. Procurement Management and Expediting

9. Quality Managent

10. Construction Management

11. Contract Administration

12. Commissioning and Handover

13. Project Close-out and Asset Aftercare

14. Tendering Support for Project Management & Techical

15. Specilised in System Environment (Power/Electrical, Instrumentation, Signalling, Communication, AFC, ITS, Trackworks, Rolling Stock, etc..)



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