Accuracy is

the main feature


to Our Project Management Services!

Our mission is to provide a service to maximize profitability to our clients, to employ suitable high-powered professionals with key focus and technical experience, cost conscious with a key eye for quality, safety and overall management skills of each project. With recently established young dynamic business providing dedicated Project Management services and related fields is the core of Mytreyas service and vision for the future.



The organization was registered and recognized by Malaysian Government and operations were held in Malaysia, Singapore and China with Strategic insight combined firm expertise. By recognizing development and industry trends, targeted investment in profitable business segments and achieving sustainable growths are MYTREYA HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. strengths, thanks to solid experience and expertise in our markets. 


The Malaysian holding company is flexible and efficient, helping promising medium-size companies to grow and achieve their potential for success. Having few years of experience in servicing national and international markets gives us the independence and confidence to build on sustainable success.


Our ethics are strategic philosophy and passionate execution, and our mottos are to accomplish measurable results and exercise judgment when we conduct business. And we have strong network in the global market sectors.


Assorted knowledge base at the management level enables MYTERA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. to deliberate on a various kinds of business in the global market. The strategic view will be developed as global and focus into multi disciplinary market environments. And new areas will be added in the future and integrated into MYTERA Holdings Sdn. Bhd.’s portfolio. We will continue to expend on our strengths on various kinds of business.




Our core services

   Client Focus: we ensure that services meet clients requirements and provide suitable solutions to their business needs

·  Service Excellence: we provide the highest level of service using our skills and knowledge, aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations by adding value to project solutions

       Professionalism: we subscribe to ethical business practices without discrimination as reflected in our honesty, integrity and accountability


      Enthusiasm: we encourage team relationships that are exciting and inspiring, so that innovation and enthusiasm are rewarded with project success

     Commitment: we exhibit a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to our clients in the achievement of successful project outcomes, including taking reasonable steps to identify social, environmental and economic consequences of project decisions

       Humour: the one indisputable truth about managing projects is that tomorrow is another day and the future always holds great promise

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