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About us

As a Malaysian company, Mytreya Holdings Sdn Bhd was formed in 2006 is main focus are in Project Management Services and having knowledge and experience to add significant value to any kind of projects.

Our mission is to provide a service to maximize profitability to our clients, to employ suitable high-powered professionals with key focus and technical experience, cost conscious with a key eye for quality, safety and overall management skills of each project. With recently established young dynamic business providing dedicated Project Management services and related fields is the core of Mytreyas service and vision for the future.

Our aim is to add value at all stages of the development process for the construction projects. We specialize in providing Project Management Services to our clients. We bring and establish a track record in the main phases of project development starting from design, tender, construction and handing over.

Whatever be the requirement of our Client, MHSB follow defined processes and procedures to ensure consistency in delivering an excellence of service through standard procedures that has worked for many valued clients.

Through its whole business approach to managing construction projects, MHSB draw on the inherent strengths and technical skills while also delivering a creative and people based service. This approach enables MHSB to offer a wide range of expertise at the appropriate time in any project life cycle.


Company Philosophy

Mytreya Holdings prides on delivering a solution-oriented service. We seek to cut through local administration and procedures, pushing projects through to completion as efficiently as possible.

Project Managers and professional associates are encouraged to work exclusively on matters pertaining to the project and within their professional competencies whilst support staff deal with the standard day-to-day running of the office and sites.

For our overseas clients, locally and international recruited staff help to bridge the cultural divide, ensuring international standards are maintained whilst local customs and sentimentalities are not ignored.

The Strategy


The strategy of the organization ideas for stepping into the future goals defined as there major pillars of MYTREYA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. are:

*      Diversification into various business fields

*      Development into new profitable business areas

*      Lean organization and cost structure


Our Vision


Our vision is to access new business areas in national and international markets shortly. MYTREYA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is directed on business ideas and concepts that promise rapid market maturity and profitability for solid value growth in the present and future markets.

MYTREYA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. strategy highlights elasticity, speed and innovation. This is optimum for the markets of the future.

Extensively circulated specialized knowledge at the management level of MYTREYA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. enables it to align flexibly with various business fields a strong portfolio that is a solid foundation for sustainable success.

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