Tunneling & Control Blasting


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Mining & Control Blasting Works

Range of Services Availalble :

*      Control rock blasting for utilities

*      Sitework

*      Road cuts

*      Mines and quarries


Services provided by a highly skilled, well trained professional work force.


Blast Hole and Contract Drilling

*      Critical components on professional blasting is quality of the drilling.

*      Our drills and drilling workforce among some of the best in the industry.

*      Professional drillers operating modern drilling equipment

*      Driller of precise, dependable and on schedule production

*      Maintains 30 drills for standard production and specialty drilling capable meeting the requirements of toughest projects.


Site Work Drilling & Blasting Contractor

*      Drilling and blasting services and site work rock excavation.

*      Projects involve excavation for building footers and foundations, industrial construction and other similar applications.

*      Anything built on a foundation or in ground requires site work excavation – when hard rock is encountered it must be removed.

*      High skill staff capable tackling most demanding of projects. Often projects built in populated areas – safety and precision is of the supreme priority.


Precision Controlled Rock Blasting

*      We offer blasting services in constructions sites where rock encountered in urban sites, near privately owned businesses or utility service lines.

*      Mechanical breakage is very expensive and time consuming.

*      Blasting is a far cheaper means of rock excavation than ripping and mechanical breaking.

*      Controllable variables –The variables over which we have to control. These are listed below :

o   Hole Diameter                   Burden and spacing

o   Hole Depth                         Number of holes in the blast

o   Sub-grade drilling           Direction of rock movement

o   Stemming distance         Types of explosives and initiation system

o   Stemming material          Delay Timing



Rock Quarries & Mine Shot Service Drilling


*      Quarry Division offers drilling and/or blasting programs for aggregate industry.

*      Each Quarry has unique needs which specific its operation.

*      We provide each quarry specialized analysis identifying its specific needs and develop a tailor made blasting program.

*      Our Quarry Blast Programs address :

o   Safety

o   Neighbor Relations

o   Geological Analysis

o   Production Rates

o   Plant Capacity

o   Final Product Requirements

o   Profitability

o   Fast and Reliable Services


Pipeline Drilling & Blasting Contractor


*      Pipelines used for transportation of liquid or gas.

*      Pipeline usually underground and when they go through areas of solid rock, drilling and blasting is usually the cheapest, fastest and most cost effective way of excavating the rock.

*      We has expertise and manpower get the job done safely, economically and rapidly.

*      Mytreya is unsurpassed in the industry with its positive public relations policies and safe precision blasting practices in proximity to private property and public services.


Safety and Ethics


*      Among all professions on earth, there is none demands a stricter commitment to safety, proper training, products education, and respect for the rights of others than that of the explosive engineer.

*      We must give the highest consideration to the awesome effect that explosives have on life and property. That responsibility extends to ourselves, our customers, our colleagues, and the general public.

*      We committed using our knowledge and skills towards enhancement of human welfare. We exhibit honest and responsible behavior in our communications with people around us who will be directly effected by our activities.