Tunneling & Control Blasting

Mytreya HOLDINGS SDN BHD (734631-D)


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Mytreya Holdings  Sdn Bhd will provide the services of world-class control blasting works for tunneling and mining works. Our philosophy is Quality, reliability and personalized attention.


Mytreya Holdings Sdn Bhd provides the key details of the execution team, one of the main key people who were previously in the employment of OTA Construction Ltd., Japan, which was the main Sub-Contractor in tunneling works for major Japanese contractors like Hazam-Gumi Ltd., Okumura Corporation, Tobishima Corporation, Kajima / Hazama / Kumagai J.V. The key person Mr. Pushpanandan was in the employment of OTA Construction from 1974 to 1998 and has total experience of 30 years in tunneling business.

The future for the tunneling appears to be bright not only because of the above mentioned high cost infrastructure based development projects but also traffic congestions in the major cities in the country. With land aquistion cost, especially in the cities becoming increasingly prohibitive, the goverment has designated that certain projects will go underground to content with traffic congestions at major road interchanges. This course of action certainly appears to be a pragamatic measure. The impact of this new initiative is tremendous for the tunneling industry. This would definitely be a major source of revenue for the company in the future.

The principle strengths of company are as folows:
1) strong management and technical expertise
2) able to source and identify the relevant required machinery and equipment for projects
3) excellent manpower training and requirement planning
4) delivery on time
5) technical ground to undertake any size of work

Other key strength of the company is that it has built a reputation as company that delivers contractual obligations in accordance with clients specificatons. In this regard,the company has over the years developed a close rapport with all the major participants in the industry- clients, main-contractors, sub-contractors, technical consultants and supplirs. This rapport has to large extent been vital to the company's ability to ensure timely deliverly of contracts awarded.